Sample Content Marketing Strategy

By: Bhú KámPä,    May 25,2019

Business and companies used to deliver their employees door-to-door for every content marketing purposes before 15-20 years ago. Employees used to convenience hard to people to use their company’s product/service explaining about how they benefited us. Business marketing was toughest that time.

But, at today’s date its been thousands of times easier compared to 15-20 years before. We have high-speed internet   everywhere easily accessible today. Also, we have smart phones, social medias, mobile apps that helps us to post and advertise contents through online everywhere in the world staying at home.

In fact, social medias plays vital role in building up a successful business empire, companies and service providers are able to achieve wonderful success.

Content Marketing Strategy
   Content Marketing Strategy (instagram)

 Content Marketing 

Content: Any kind of issues and topics expressed through the medium of speech, writing, drawing etc.  that provides you with a certain messages is content. Internet, television, books, magazines, life events are the most important factors we use in our daily life to deliver contents. Telivision ads, google ads displayed in monetized websites are best examples of content.

Marketing:  Marketing refers to a series of activities undertaken by a company to promote the selling of a product or service through means of communicating, advertising, selling and delivering products to customers with disciplined profit for customers satisfaction.

Also, the Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as “ The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers requirements.”

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 Concept of Marketing 

 Generally, marketing proposes to satisfy the company’s objective and recognize wants of potential consumers and satisfy them more effectively than its competitors. Besides, we must know the actual needs, wants and desires of customers and go deeply through for better results.

Needs: A need is something that is necessary for people to live with. A healthy, stable and safe life  are the needs of every common people. Without every unfulfilled needs, life becomes hard and dissatisfying. Needs are very important to fulfill for living a happy life. 

  Wants: Desired and wished for goods are the wants people think after the fulfillment of needs. Wants are not the actual needs, they are just wished to have for satisfaction.

Demands: Simillarly, demands grow bigger after the fulfillment of needs and wants. We also can explain demands as good of luxury.

Marketing Strategy
             Marketing Strategy (google)

 How Marketing Works 

Product, price, place and promotion are the Four Ps of marketing popularized by the Neil Borden in 1950s.  A company must focus on these factors before launching the products to the market. 

  1.  Product:  Product is an item  the business plans to offer to their customers. Best product is what every customer wants. Products purchased are  expected to satisfy the consumers at its best. Bounce back rate of consumers then increases when the product satisfy the needs, wants, desires and demands. So, the product quality plays vital role in marketing. 
  2. Price:  Likewise, pricing refers to the rate applied by company  for its product. Company should rate of a product according to the quality maintained in it. Reasonable and affordable price of product helps companies rate higher position in market. We all know that branded products are said to be sold more than any local branded products.
  3. Place: Companies distribute their products through various platforms in the market. Online, physical storefront or through both. It requires a deep research and study to know what kind of placement does it gets when sold in storefront or through online and work accordingly.
  4.  Promotion: Companies  promote their products after they launch new products. Campings organized for advertisement, Online advertisements, sales promotion, sponsorship.etc.   benefits a lot in promotion of company’s products. 
Sample Content Marketing Strategy to Fuel Your Business Growth

Is it an easy task to built a successful business? Do you think  entrepreneurs become millionare, billionare fortnight? Seriously,  growing a business is not an easy task. It needs a lot of hardwork, smartwork, viable ideas, consistency and patience.

 First of all, we need to discover a profitable niche. Then conduct surveys and research and collect datas and informations about. We may define a target and look for it but, it’s impossible to achieve our success and target without appropriate marketing strategies.

Best Online Marketing Strategies

  • use  social medias to post your thoughts, products and anything you find useful that would help your audience learn more about you and your business.
  • create a clear video tutorials and teach people something useful that helps you to value your product and increase your sales. 

  • in same way, create a blog and start posting articles and informations about your product to reach customers.
Content Strategy
           Content Strategy(
 Pros and cons of Sample Content Marketing Strategy


  •  promotion of your business 
  •  boost brand’s recognition
  •  helps you understand your customers 
  •  needs and wants of customers are fulfilled 
  •  customers can buy them products through online staying at home 


  •  high expenditure in promotion of products 
  •  free-market may encourage low qualitative and harmful goods 
  •  poor people cannot afford expensive products 
  •  loss of money and time information if goods are in appropriate to the customers 

In fact, Sample Content Marketing Strategy is a sort of marketing process planned to post and promote the products through online as well as to achieve the targated goals with an objective of earning disciplined profit after satisfying the customers wants and desires.